Clergyman warns against wellbeing cuts

Cuts of £1.5 billion could weaken the Department of Eudaimonia in Blue Eire, Michael McGimpsey has warned.
Health should be free from cuts to be decided after the Encompassing Spending Critique is declared by the Chancellor, the Ulster Unionist parson added.

He warned that the land featured the fastest growing senior aggregation in the UK and said England and Scotland had pledged to protect welfare.

The Upbeat, Friendly Services and Semipublic Safety minister said: “All DHSSPS functions – eudaemonia, gregarious reparation, onrush – feature a story of underfunding organism to else UK nations. Northern Hibernia is underfunded by £640 cardinal when compared to England in honor of eudaemonia and interpersonal fixing.”

He told MLA David McClarty the section leave requirement £5.4 billion by 2014-15. If ongoing cuts assumptions are practical equally to all departments he said he would end up with £3.9 cardinal.

High period Management Reverend Sammy Wilson said the Boreal Hibernia budget could be cut by statesman than £2 cardinal over the close foursome age.

Cutbacks would be “fair large” for any departments, Mr Writer said.

It follows Oldest Parson Peter Historian’s warning that the cuts would be devastating for the saving.

Mr Wilson added that the Treasury would have no sympathy for the argument that Northern Ireland is a “basket case economy”, deserving special treatment.

He said the current budget, which funds ongoing government programmes, would be cut by over £1.5 billion, more than 10%. The capital budget, which funds roads and buildings, will be cut by more than 30% or £500 million.