Switzerland Cream – Urban Skin Protector

Urban Skin Cream protects the skin Protector SPF35 PA + + with elements Venuceance skin helps protect women living in urban environment with many chemical agent contamination high.

Metabolic enzyme systems Venuceance AIO obtained from biological engineering culture microorganisms exist in the crater. Microbial enzyme system has the capacity to protect the skin against the original chemical free. Especially, it can automatically adjust the ability to protect the skin before high temperatures, harsh environments….

Type Urban Skin Protector sunscreen SPF35 PA + + helps prevent damage to skin cells and collagen fibers and DNA damage. Membrane protection Titanium Dioxide mineral capable of diffuse light rays as diamond, blocking ultraviolet rays causes skin lesions such as skin aging, brown spots, skin cancer …

Also, skin protection creams were extracted from Planton – anti-environmental pollution, vitamin E and licorice antioxidant and helps limit water loss through the skin smooth and soft as the skin slippery village. Silica structure gentle nature, penetrates faster and further improve the optical components for color look more uniform and smooth, obscure the defect on the skin. This product is appropriate steps to protect your skin each morning as smooth layer of powder makeup.