Key enzyme that controls ontogenesis of portion mortal cells identified

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New research has found that the inhibition of an enzyme called GnT-V, it can delay the spread of the tumor and human breast cancer. When the enzyme activity of GnT-V cells increased in mammary cells, increased proliferation, and began to take on many characteristics of cancer cells. mouse model of human breast cancer, tumors appeared when the enzyme is removed, but was delayed by an average of 10 weeks in mice. "In human terms, the corresponding delay for several months and perhaps years. You're basically slowing everything down and keep the cancer formation and progress in a very early age," said Michael Pierce, a co-author of the study. The slowdown in the rate of cancer could eliminate its spread to other organs, to keep it local if it can be treated successfully, said Pierce.

he researchers studied a glycan made by GnT-V that appears when normal breast cells become cancerous. The GnT-V glycan product is found on her-2 and other receptors and acts to regulate the number of cancer stem cells in the tissue.

“This study is an example of how particular glycans that are present on various cell receptors can actually modulate the onset of tumour formation. That may give us new drug targets and new ways to kill the cancer cells specifically,” said Pierce.

The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (ANI)